RFID Surgical Instruments Tracking and Management

The Next Generation of Asset Tracking


We make building a set easier with locating sets or individual instruments. Our software keeps track of maintenance and helps automate the process


Our surgical suite provides detailed reporting to help keep records of an instrument life cycle, the record of decontamination and sterilization processes. We make CSPD more accurate and efficient while also immediately notifying you of lost and damaged items


Using our tools, we can give you an accurate instrument count in seconds while also eliminating unnecessary items from entering the OR

The Next Generation of
Scope Management

Automatic Locking

Automatic lock & unlock cabinet functions optimize the use of scopes, assuring appropriate expiring scope to be used first

Secured Scopes

Expired scopes remain locked and require a password for release.


Provides technicians with customized procedures for each scope type to align with scope processes

Detailed Summaries

Detailed summary reports for inventory, maintenance, utilization, and location.

Helpful Alerts

Alerts to ensure scope returns within 60-minutes post-procedure.

Smart Scope Cabinet

The all new Smart Scope Cabinet is designed to improve patient safety and efficiency.

Verification of technology certifications to reprocess each variety of scope

Assigns each scope to a patient, physician, or scope processing technician
Cleaning and sterilization steps are checked off and measured to assure a clean scope
Real-time scope location throughout the procedure


Preventative maintenance schedule and records based on utilization, dates and time

Real Time Location Services (RTLS)

Loc-Nodes communicate the real time locations of any SSS tagged item to display the item’s location on the specific hospital floor plans


All four SSS RTLS tags interface with the Loc-Node™, which acts as the hub connection point

SaLT Tag™

Used to track and manage surgical trays and case carts. The Sterilization and Location Tag is designed to go through high temperature sterilization up to 150°C or 300°F


All the characteristics of the SaLT Tag with the added feature of GPS for tracking surgical trays and equipment outside of the hospital.


Communicates via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy with all the Surgical Safety Scanner’s RTLS tags to track location. Powered by 120/240 VC outlet or can be hardwired.

Micro Tag

Enables the ability to track and manage smaller assets within a facility.

Scope Tag

Track and manage flexible scopes through the cleaning process, cabinet storage status, and procedures.

Intuitive Interface

  • Google maps integrated to track assets to off-site locations
  • Facility floor plans overlaid in software
  • System reports include reprocessing and utilization details
  • Low battery alerts
  • No special wiring required
  • User-friendly software interfac