How to use Pirogov Interactive Anatomy
Table and App?

– Teach in-class and distantly
– Work in groups and individually with 3D human body
– Unlimited number of repetitions of “digital dissection”
– Use for macro-groups: seminars, conferences workshops
– Work individually with personal Anatomy App for
    Windows, IOS, Android

– Create anatomic scenes and share them with your students and                    colleagues
– Study normal and pathological states of organs
– Enhance your students’ understanding of key methods of functional            diagnostics  US, CT, MRI
– Test your students’ knowledge

Regional and Human Anatomy: View, Pathology, Diagnostics

View Mode

Teaching anatomy by layer, by system or by body part

Pathology Mode

Pathology mode enables to compare
a healthy and a pathology organ
(over 100 pathologies). You may also
compare organ description and
histology data.

Diagnostics Mode

allows to interactively study:
US – in fixed positions of a sensor
for various organs
CT, MRI – in axial, coronal and sagittal planes

Pirogov Anatomy App

Your students will achieve more with Pirogov Anatomy on their devices

Introducing the Pirogov Anatomy App in your education system is very advantageous.

–  Adapted for the study of gross and regional anatomy
–  Contains all basic functions of the “Pirogov Anatomy Table” with interactive  three – dimensional models of male and female bodies
–  Allows you to easily share prepared anatomical scenes and assignments with         students
–  Can be used at any time and at any place